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Southern Pacific Co. Historic Documents

Here are some of the Espee document in my property that I've scan and saved in PDF format to take with me in an USB key when I was not at home. As I think that share these files cannot break any copyright, and can be usefull to some SP modelers, here we go.

You can downolad the files and use only for your personal modeling pourposes.

To download the files : Rigth-click on file name and select "Load object as..."

Southern Pacific Railroad TimeTables
Employes Time Table

1940-ETT-147.pdf - 11,7 Mb

SP Coast Division ETT- 147
In effect from March 30, 1940

1946-Apr-ETT-153.pdf - 3,5 Mb SP Coast Division ETT- 153
In effect from April 14, 1946

SP Coast Division ETT- 155
In effect from January 23, 1949

SP Coast Division ETT- 156
In effect from October 2, 1949

1954-ETT-166.pdf - 8 Mb

SP Coast Division ETT- 166
In effect from September 26, 1954


Public Time Table

1941-June-PTT.pdf - 8 Mb

SP Coast Division and San Joachin Valley
Public Time Table

In effect from June 29, 1941

Documents about Commute Traffic on the peninsula
The San Francisco peninsula Railroad passenger service Past, Present, and Future A big ( 12,5 Mbytes ) but very interesting article... by Mark Dunkan
Peninsula 1987 Commute.pdf By Steve Miller ( Oct-1987 )
Some "Digest" Articles
History of San Fracisco & San Jose Railroad.pdf By Richard Miller ( 1941 )
Some Early History of Santa Cruz and Rails.pdf

Economic Development of the City of Santa Cruz 1850-1950
by Susan Lehmann

Stagecoach Days in the Mountains
by Stephen Michael Payne

Felling the Giants
by Stephen Michael Payne

The California Powder Works (1896)

State Belt Railroad.pdf  
A Walking Tour Through the Proposed San Jose Railroad Park

Sponsored by the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation

Pages or files external to this site
bullet http://www.sphts.org/resources/rulebook/ - some pages from the 1960 and 1943 Rule Books

Pages and files located at Robert Bowdidge "Vasona Branch" web site : http://www.vasonabranch.com/railroad/timetables/index.html

bullet http://www.vasonabranch.com/railroad/timetables/1946western.html

SP ETT - 241 - June 2 1946
Western Division employee timetable

bullet http://www.vasonabranch.com/railroad/timetables/1932public.html SP 1932 public timetable
(San Jose area pages)
bullet http://www.vasonabranch.com/railroad/timetables/1964coast.html SP ETT - 1 - April 26 1964 Coast Division
bullet August 1,1931 San Jose Track Directory Lists capacity and shipper for tracks in the San Jose / Santa Clara / Campbell / Los Gatos / Hillsdale area, as well as phone numbers for the SP sites in the area. (From Ken Middlebrook, original now at History San Jose.)
bullet http://www.vasonabranch.com/railroad/timetables/sjSpins.html

1970: Southern Pacific SPINS
for the San Jose area.
(thanks to Pat LaTorres.)

bullet http://www.vasonabranch.com/railroad/timetables/index_assets/SantaCruz_1973_SPINS.pdf 1983: Santa Cruz SPINS booklet. (Robert's collection,
thanks to Chuck Catania!)

For additional research on Southern Pacific RR, structures and history , take a good start at:

"SP Historical and Technical Society".
Use the link page at : http://www.sphts.org/resources/links.php

Peter J. McClosky's Southern Pacific Railroad Resources page :

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