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Southern Pacific Freight Cars

These pages will list N scale "Ready tu run" models of the Southern Pacific freight cars available in the last 4-5 years.
Some model are listed as "Collectible" if there is not a current release available, but a previous release can stil found on e-bay or some "specialist" collectors site or shops.
Prototype basic historic informations are desumed from sources listed above.
If some of you found errors or have additional informations or models, please contact me via e-mail, and I will provide page update and credits.
Prototypal correct models are indicated with the "Oscar" Award!
A big "thanks" to George Hollwedel -Prototype N Scale Models (TM) for some important addition and corrections.

Pacific Fruit Express (PFE) REEFERS

SP reefers were designated R-xx-x : the 'R' is for Refrigeration, the 'xx' denoted the axle load in tons , the last 'x' was the class or type or design.
Pacific Fruit Express, born as a joint venture between the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. It began operation on October 1, 1907, with a fleet of 6,600 refrigerator cars built by the American Car and Foundry Company .
In 1923, the Western Pacific Railroad joined the venture by leasing its own, brand new fleet of 2775 reefers to PFE. They were painted in standard PFE colors with only WP heralds on the cars instead of the paired UP-SP markings
A reefer is a term for an iced refrigerator car. It has four rooftop hatches through which ice would be loaded in order to keep produce cool.
PFE reefers would often be loaded in California and travel eastward, all the way to Chicago and beyond, with loads of California-grown fruit and vegetables
SPFE stands for Southern Pacific Fruit Express, as a follow on from the splitting up of the joint UP/SP owned PFE (Pacific Fruit Express).

40' Wood Refrigerator Car
This highly detailed model is based on the  40' wood refrigerator cars built by Pullman for the Northern Refrigerator Car Co. in 1930.
With its rooftop ice hatches, USRA-style fish belly underframe and vertical brake shaft, it is representative of the thousands of similar cars that were built during the "Billboard" era of American railroads.  Accurate painting and printing including door hinges, ladders, grab irons and end straps, Opening roof hatches, Realistic handle and latch detail, Wood grain finish detail on carbody , 40-ton friction bearing trucks with AccuMate® couplers

Atlas 41435
Road # PFE 34485
Atlas 41436
Road # PFE 35199
Atlas 41437
Road # PFE 35271
Atlas 41438
Road # PFE 35333


40' Wood Refrigerator Car

The prototype car was built in May 1926

Atlas 41497
Road # PFE 3522

Micro Trains - 49180
Road # SP-PFE 35447
Released in May 1991

40 ' Double Wood Sheeted Reefer
( SP - UP Double Herald )

Micro Trains 47063
Road # PFE SP-UP 19688

Intermountain 67712

YesterYear Models

Micro Trains 47000

Horizontal Brake Wheel
Aug 1976 release

50' Express Reefer

Athern 11238
Road # PFE 538

Athern 11237
Road # PFE 557

R-40-10 Steel reefers
Very accurate models and
The basis for George Hollwedell special run two pack

Micro-Trains 59010:
Road #s 40400, 40405, 40412 and 40417

Micro-Trains 59510 :
Road # 925
express scheme which is correct for this class.

Micro-Trains 59520:
Road # 41507 fan equipped version of the regular scheme

In 1946, Pacific Fruit Express adopted a new paint scheme for their reefer fleet. It was decided to place both the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific red,white and blue heralds on both sides of the car. PFE still painted the hardware black in this scheme. Prior to this, each side had only one herald. In later years, Pacific Fruit Express simplified the paint scheme as a money saving device.
Cars have the correct National B-1 trucks for the selected road numbers.

George Hollwedel
Micro Trains
Oct-2007 special run
1946-1952 paint scheme


In 1952, Pacific Fruit Express started renumbering 900 of the remaining cars lettered for the Western Pacific. These cars were renumbered from the original series, 50001-52775, to the new series 55001-55899.
Preco Model AA-15 electric fans were added and dummy fan plates were installed as PFE did on the R-40-26 steel reefers.

George Hollwedel
Micro Trains
Sept- 2007 special run

Road # 55163, # 55444 ,
# 55598

  40' Plug Door Reefer Red Caboose 18408
Road # ,PFE 9220
(provided by Ken Harstine)
Road # PFE 48701
(provided by Ken Harstine)
Road # PFE 78676
(provided by Ken Harstine)
Steel sided ice bunker
Intermountain 65501-11
Road # 47693
Railway Express Refrigerator Car

Intermountain 65535
Road # REX 1172

PFE - Double Herald - Black & White

Road # 301034

Road # 301005

50' Steel Ice Reefer

Bachmann 70998
Road # 4510

Intermountain 60520
12 Car #'s Kit #'s 1-12
Intermountain 60501
same as 60520 but with the earlier paint scheme

50' Steel Reefer

Intermountain 65512
Road # PFE 903
the express paint scheme was never applied to this class or car

  50' Rib Side Box Car - PFE Micro-Trains 27090
Road # 457524


SP SPFE Road # 459502



(Orange/Black) Build 7-43

Atlas 36613
Road # PFE 300145

51' Mechanical Refrigerator, Riveted Sides Modern Gothic
Micro Trains
Intermountain 65537
Road # 47593.
51' Mechanical Refrigerator

Build / New Date: 4-60
Series: 70000
Body Type: 51' 3-3/4" Rib Side Mechanical ReeferDoor: Single PlugRoofwalk: Yes

Micro Trains
Released: 7/93
Road # 70010
7th Reporting Number: PFE 302212

PFE 57' mechanical reefer.
Decorated in the classic orange and black and lettered in the style common to the 70 & 80. Knuckle couplers
Athearn 11129
Road # 459418.
  56' Mechanical Reefer Roundhouse
Road # SPFE 458464
  56' Mechanical Reefer Roundhouse
Road # SPFE 455421
(provided by Ken Harstine)

57' Mechanical Reefer, SPFE /White

Athern 11132
Road #
PFE 456886

Athern 11131
Road # PFE 459513

MTL-Special Run National Park Series, third car in the series.
Southern Pacific road number 160311 with Yosemite National Park.
Micro Trains

On Line References :

- David Coscia's SP site :

- Lee A. Gautreaux's The SP Freight Cars Page :
( source for Classification and historical info used here)

- Richard.A.Percy’s Freight Car Specification Sheet- :

- Respective Manufacturers sites : Atlas , Athern , Micro-trains Intermountain , Deluxe Innovation, Tichy Train Group, etc…
- a list of Models Manufactirers links at

OFF Line References ( Sometimes called "Books" ) :

- Anthony W. Thompson Southern Pacific Freight Cars serie ( vol. 1-4) Signature Press
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Signature Press, Wilton, CA. ISBN 1-930013-03-5.
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