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Southern Pacific Freight Cars

These pages will list N scale "Ready tu run" models of the Southern Pacific freight cars available in the last 4-5 years.
Some model are listed as "Collectible" if there is not a current release available, but a previous release can stil found on e-bay or some "specialist" collectors site or shops.
Prototype basic historic informations are desumed from sources listed above.
If some of you found errors or have additional informations or models, please contact me via e-mail, and I will provide page update and credits.
Prototypal correct models are indicated with the "Oscar" Award!
A big "thanks" to George Hollwedel -Prototype N Scale Models (TM) for some important addition and corrections.


34' Wood Sheated

Micro-Trains 50070
Road # 603 NPI
sloped cupola


Micro-Trains 51150
straight cupola
TrainCat ..... TBD
Brass kit

34’ Wood Caboose w/slanted Cupola and
34’ Wood Caboose w/Straight Cupola

George Hollwedel has commissioned Micro-Trains to produce this 2-pack special run using MTL 50000 series, 34’ Wood Sheathed Caboose w/slanted Cupola and 51000 series 34’ Wood Sheathed Caboose w/Straight Cupola. These cars are painted light boxcar red with black roof and white lettering and grab irons.

PNS0009 Micro-Trains C-30-1 Caboose TwoPack 1931-1946 lettering

PNS0008 Micro-Trains C-30-1 Caboose TwoPack 1952-1956 lettering
This scheme was applied from 1946-1953 and would have been seen through the late 1950's to the early 1960's.

George Hollwedel
Micro-Trains special run
1931-1946 lettering
Road # 765 (50000 serie)
Road # 205 (51000 serie).

1953-1956 lettering
Road  # 265 (50000 serie)
Road  # 667 (51000 serie)

A sold out first run
Road #s 69 and 519


34' riveted Steel Std Cupola Caboose
Silver / Black & Red Lettering, End Rails, Rivet Details, Accumate Couplers

Atlas 35614
Road # 1069

Atlas 35612
Road # 1066

1940's Steel
Kit can be built as a C-40-1 Caboose with vertical break wheel
or as a C-40-3.

1400501 (N)
Brass kit
Road # TBD


36' Steel Side riveted cupola

Micro-Trains 100050

C-30-4 Bay Window Caboose Smooth Roof variant.
TrainCat 1400701 (N)
Brass kit


Bay Window Caboose

TrainCat 1400703 (N)
Brass kit
Road # TBD

Model Power 3122
Road # 1655

Atlas (Rivarossi)
Road # SP 1745
(number is not correct for series)
(provided by Ken Harstine)
C-40-6 In 1972 Southern Pacific repainted C40-6 Bay Window Caboose 1741 into an experimental paint scheme, bright red body, natural aluminium roof, gray trucks and underbody, gray lettering. This car is shown when newly repainted on page 312 in the book "Southern Pacific Freight Cars Vol 2" Cabooses and several other color photos show why the scheme was not repeated. Severe weathering and fading.

SP #1741

C-40-6 Kodachrome

SP #4726

C-40-6 Bicentennial

SP #1776

C-50 class - In 1968, Southern Pacific subsidiary Cotton Belt (officially the St. Louis Southwestern Railway) received 20 cabooses from International Car Company. These were the first SP cabooses to use 50-ton trucks, starting the C-50 series of cabooses.
In 1970, 1972, and 1974 SP returned to International Car Company for 181 cabooses, plus 16 for Cotton Belt in three groups.

For the next four years, SP did not acquire any new cabooses. Instead 207 older cabooses were rebuilt by the Sacramento Shops.
In 1978, SP bought cabooses again. By then International Car was a division of PACCAR (formerly Pacific Car & Foundry). The 50 cars of the C-50-7 class were built at the same Kenton, Ohio plant as the previous C-50 series cars. In design they were similar to the previous C-50 cars with only a few changes. Their paint differed by having the roof painted the car body color, the road name was moved to the right of the bay window, and they featured an axle-end generator connection. They were also the first new cars in the 4000 series.
In 1979 50 cars of the C-50-8 class were delivered, with some minor detail differences when compared to the earlier C-50-7 cars.
In 1980 the C-50-9 class of 75 cars was delivered. The C-50-9 class was unique in that they were delivered without any windows in the car sides, in order to increase crew safety and reduce repair costs. They were also the last group of new cabooses delivered to SP.

SP car classification, such as C-50-7, indicate the type of car (“C” for caboose), the capacity of the trucks (50-ton), and the sequential order number (7).

C-50-8 Bay Window SP #4653 - ATH23233

Bay Window

SP #4730 - ATH23210

SP #4769 - ATH23212

SP #4711 - ATH23211


On Line References :

- David Coscia's SP site :

- Lee A. Gautreaux's The SP Freight Cars Page :
( source for Classification and historical info used here)

- Richard.A.Percy’s Freight Car Specification Sheet- :

- Respective Manufacturers sites : Atlas , Athern , Micro-trains Intermountain , Deluxe Innovation, Tichy Train Group, etc…
- a list of Models Manufactirers links at

OFF Line References ( Sometimes called "Books" ) :

- Anthony W. Thompson ( Signature Press ) Southern Pacific Freight Cars serie ( vol. 1-4)
- Anthony W. Thompson, Robert J. Church and Bruce H. Jones : Pacific Fruit Express

- Specific reference for SP Steel Cabooses : 1981 Southern Pacific Motive Power Review by Joe Strapac. Included is an article entitled 'S.P. Steel Cabooses, 1937 - 1981'. This covers the history, numbering, rebuilding, too many photo's to count and has plans for a couple of cabooses.

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