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Southern Pacific Freight Cars

These pages will list N scale "Ready tu run" models of the Southern Pacific freight cars available in the last 4-5 years.
Some model are listed as "Collectible" if there is not a current release available, but a previous release can stil found on e-bay or some "specialist" collectors site or shops.
Prototype basic historic informations are desumed from sources listed above.
If some of you found errors or have additional informations or models, please contact me via e-mail, and I will provide page update and credits.
Prototypal correct models are indicated with the "Oscar" Award!
A big "thanks" to George Hollwedel -Prototype N Scale Models (TM) for some important addition and corrections.


General service 40' GS Composite Gondola

Tichy Train Group TIC-2705

( former Dimi Trains 1106 )

40' High Side Beet Gondola
general service gondola with sugar beet extensions

Tichy Train Group TIC-2707
( former Dimi Train 3000 )


52'-6" drop-end mill gondolas
These cars were all built to the same basic design by American Car & Foundry in 1951 and featured low sides (3'-3" IH), wood floors, UARCO hand brakes, ASF A-3 trucks and 1647 ft3 capacity. SP bought 150 gondolas. They are painted black with white lettering.
A roster of the G-70-8 class gondolas is provided as follows:
SP 160100-160149 (re #'d to SP 320000-320049)



Prototype N Scale Models (TM) by George Hollwedel
PNS0020 Gondola ThreePack with telephone pole loads

GS Gondola, Sugar Beet
general service gondola with sugar beet extension

Intermountain 68001
Road #6 #'s Avail

Mar/Apr 2008


All Steel, Drop Bottom, General Service Gondola

Trainworx 2629-(01-12)
Road # 151016, 151041, 151092, 151108, 151133, 151189, 151204, 151225, 151277, 151311, 151350, 151393.
As delivered brown w/spl circle
GS Composite Drop Bottom Gondola
Intermountain 68103
Flat Side FMC Wood Chip Gondolas
Flat Side (sometimes called interior post) chip car. Southern Pacific had the largest fleet of this type of wood chip gondola and most of that fleet is still in the paint scheme you see here. Most often used to carry wood chips for making paper and particle board, these cars can also be found hauling recycled aluminium from cities to smelters. The prototypes have solid ends so they have to be rotary dumped, unloaded with a bucket loader, or in some cases, giant vacuums are used to suck out the wood chips!

DeluxeInnovations 170301
- Single
DeluxeInnovations 170306
- 6 Pack

Deluxe Innovation 170401
Wood Chip Gondolas
Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP)

Central Oregon & Pacific was established in 1994 to take over operation of Southern Pacific's line through the Siskiyou Mountains in Southern and Central Oregon. Timber is the main industry for this region, so CORP leased a number of former SP wood chip gondolas to serve it. The conversion to CORP consisted of covering over the "SP" in the reporting marks and adding CORP in white over a black rectangle. The original SP numbers were used. Since these cars were battered when CORP took possession and have never really been "clean," we are presenting this run Factory Weathered based on actual CORP cars.

Deluxe Innovations 170601
- Single
Deluxe Innovations 170603
- 3-pack

63' Woodchip Gondola
Hubert's 50011
50' Straight Side Gondola w/drop ends

Micro-Trains 48030
Road # 94248

Micro-Trains 46090
50' drop end gondola
USRA Composite Drop Bottom Gondola
general service GS Composite Drop Bottom Gondola

Intermountain 66612
6 Road # Avail
Jul / Aug 2008

65'6" Mill Gondola
Designed to haul finished goods from the nation’s steel mills, mill gondolas were adept at carrying a wide variety of odd-sized loads – steel beams, metal plates, ship and aircraft components and the like.

Athern 11324
Road # 160588

Athern 11323
Road # 160550

3 Bay ORTNER rapid Discharge Hopper
Ortner, which is now part of Trinity Industries. Ortner's fairly unique looking square cars were by no means the first rapid discharge hoppers they built; in fact, by 1980, the year before this car was built, they'd already done ten thousand cars that looked more like the traditional hoppers we're used to seeing. This car sees special duty, in aggregate service, for example, but it does tend to move in unit trains.
The Southern Pacific's roster of these cars appears to be limited to the number series 481150 to 481399, which numbered 248 out of the possible 250 cars in the January 1985 ORER. Check out the disparity between the inside length, 29 feet 8 inches, and the outside length, 43 feet 10 inches. Annoyingly, there is no inside height specified, but the extreme height is given as 12 feet 10 inches. The capacity is 2300 cubic feet or 199,000 pounds. The lading carried in these cars tended to be heavier than that typically carried in hoppers. Rounding out the ORER checks, there were 246 cars listed in October 1996, and 140 still in place in the SP series under the Union Pacific in January 2002.
Micro-Trains 125010
Difco(R) Dump Car
These very distinctive cars are the railroad equivalent of a dump truck. Designed to carry up to 100 tons, they're fitted with large pneumatic cylinders and side doors, and can dump to the left or right of the tracks. While used primarily in work train service for dumping ballast, fill and rip rap, they can also be used in revenue service to carry sand, gravel, cinders, coal, limestone and other loose bulk materials used in industry.
Walthers 8607
On Line References :

- David Coscia's SP site :

- Lee A. Gautreaux's The SP Freight Cars Page :
( source for Classification and historical info used here)

- Richard.A.Percy’s Freight Car Specification Sheet- :

- Respective Manufacturers sites : Atlas , Athern , Micro-trains Intermountain , Deluxe Innovation, Tichy Train Group, etc…
- a list of Models Manufactirers links at

OFF Line References ( Sometimes called "Books" ) :

- Anthony W. Thompson ( Signature Press ) Southern Pacific Freight Cars serie ( vol. 1-4)
- Anthony W. Thompson, Robert J. Church and Bruce H. Jones : Pacific Fruit Express

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