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Southern Pacific Freight Cars

These pages will list N scale "Ready tu run" models of the Southern Pacific freight cars available in the last 4-5 years.
Some model are listed as "Collectible" if there is not a current release available, but a previous release can stil found on e-bay or some "specialist" collectors site or shops.
Prototype basic historic informations are desumed from sources listed above.
If some of you found errors or have additional informations or models, please contact me via e-mail, and I will provide page update and credits.
Prototypal correct models are indicated with the "Oscar" Award!
A big "thanks" to George Hollwedel -Prototype N Scale Models (TM) for some important addition and corrections.



25 ' 70 Tons Orecar

Atlas 32182 , 32184

Road # : 467512 , 467513 , 467510


39' Single Dome Tank car
Southern Pacific SPMW
Silver / Black Belly & Ltrs / Bettendorf trucks
Micro Trains 065-00-200
Road # SPMW 6066

39' single dome tank car.
This car was built in November 1942 by General American Tank Car Corporation.  The car is painted black with white printing. 

Micro Trains 65330
Road # 62842
Road # 62902

released in June 1992
39' SD 10,000 gallon tank car
Micro-Trains 65260
Road # 58576
23.500 Gal Tankcar
SP Dark Lark Grey / Red Ends & Side Wings / White Ltrs / Barber Roller Bearing Trucks

Micro Trains 110-00-100
Road # 700


40' chemical tanker
Model Power 3753


Triple Deck Auto Rack
Revell Rapido N-2604
Road # SP RTTX 50156
(provided by Ken Harstine)
Bi-Level Auto Racks
Red Caboose 19139
Tri-Level Enclosed Auto Rack
Southern Pacific ("Speed Lettering")
Con-Cor 603002
Road # 516783
(provided by Ken Harstine)

89' Tri-Level Enclosed Auto Rack
Builded from 1994 to early 2000's.
Speed Lettering version of the Southern Pacific road name was introduced in 1988 after the Rio Grande purchased it
Possible road numbers ETTX 854154 and 854155.
The series 854162 to 854300 is listed on ORER as just "Flat" but the AAR Type Code is "V411" which does correspond to a tri-level rack.
The inside length is 89' 4" inches, outside length 93' 10" inches, extreme height 19', and capacity 67,000 pounds.

Micro-Trains 11100081
Road # 854290
August 2008 release

Micro-Trains 11100082
Road # 854254

On Line References :

- David Coscia's SP site :

- Lee A. Gautreaux's The SP Freight Cars Page :
( source for Classification and historical info used here)

- Richard.A.Percy’s Freight Car Specification Sheet- :

- Respective Manufacturers sites : Atlas , Athern , Micro-trains Intermountain , Deluxe Innovation, Tichy Train Group, etc…
- a list of Models Manufactirers links at

OFF Line References ( Sometimes called "Books" ) :

- Anthony W. Thompson ( Signature Press ) Southern Pacific Freight Cars serie ( vol. 1-4)
- Anthony W. Thompson, Robert J. Church and Bruce H. Jones : Pacific Fruit Express

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