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Southern Pacific Freight Cars

These pages will list N scale "Ready tu run" models of the Southern Pacific freight cars available in the last 4-5 years.
Some model are listed as "Collectible" if there is not a current release available, but a previous release can stil found on e-bay or some "specialist" collectors site or shops.
Prototype basic historic informations are desumed from sources listed above.
If some of you found errors or have additional informations or models, please contact me via e-mail, and I will provide page update and credits.
Prototypal correct models are indicated with the "Oscar" Award!
A big "thanks" to George Hollwedel -Prototype N Scale Models (TM) for some important addition and corrections.

. 36' Boxcar

MDC Roundhouse
Road # CPRR-1022
(provided by Ken Harstine)


Narrow gauge 36 ' Boxcar

Southern Pacific Company #474 , # 478
MicroTrains # 15102
SPC # 474
SPC # 478
36' Old Time Wood Reefer
Build 10/1919-3/1919
2986 ft3
PE,Torrence,CA shops ex PE 2600=2699)

Athern 10500
SP/Ogden #37095

Athern 10499
SP/Ogden #37082


USRA Single Sheathed Box Car
Modeled after the 50-ton outside braced boxcar designed by the United States Railway Administration during World War I. These cars quickly became a common sight on railroads from coast to coast.
Opening Door, Andrews trucks, AccuMate® couplers, Brake detail,Simulated wood or steel door as per the prototype, Different rib ends (7-8 or 5-5-5) as per the prototype

Atlas 41961
(Box Car Red/White)

Atlas 41962
(Box Car Red/White) #27019
Atlas 41761-41762
(Boxcar Red/White/Black) #27310

40' foot outside braced, single door, wood boxcar with roofwalk
SP 26360-26459 AC&F (re#'d SP 110256-110927)
These 40'-6" USRA single sheathed box cars were built in 1919. They featured steel underframes and 3098 square feet capacity when built.
The Southern Pacific rebuilt 675 of the class from 8-49 through 5-50 and re-classed the steel rebuilds as B-50-12A.
All the single sheathed cars were gone from revenue service by April of 1953, when the last of the three converted Shasta Water Cars, 27172, was taken off the roster. These received a wider door and four interior tanks in 1940. At least one car, 27172, was painted a light shade of blue with black underframe and trucks. Operated between Dunsmuir and San Francisco.

Micro Trains 28030

Road # 26681

released in March 1974
Road # 26360 # 26681

50' single door boxcars bought by SP in late 1941, early 1942

These 50'-6" box cars were all built to the same basic design by Mt. Vernon Car Co. in 1941 and featured 4963 ft3 capacity, an 8'-0" Youngstown door, Barber S-2 trucks, Klasing brakes and Apex steel grid running boards.

A roster of the B-50-22 class box cars is provided as follows:
SP 81490-81989
(1956 re #'d to SP 170000-170491)

Hollwedel cars are Intermountain with Micro-Trains trucks/couplers.

Prototype N Scale Models (TM) by George Hollwedel

6 Road #'s:
2nd Quarter 2008


40' AAR Express boxcarboxcar in REA green paint.
In 1946 Southern Pacific took delivery of 50 BE-50-24 boxcars equipped for use in passenger service. They were in the number series 5700-5749. Delivered with ASF A-3 ride control trucks. from 1947-1950 many had Allied Full Cushion trucks, but these where replaced with the A-3 trucks in 1950. From 1953 to 1954 about half received GSC Express trucks.

Prototype N Scale Models (TM) by George Hollwedel
Road # (4): 5700, 5728, 5735 and 5746.


40’ Single-Door Box Car
These 40'-6" box cars were all built to the 1937 AAR design in 1942 and featured 3715 square feet capacity, a 6'-0" door opening, 4/5 Dreadnought ends, Hutchins panel roof, Barber S-2 truck and either Apex or Gypsum running boards.

SP 95520-95863 PS (lot 5701) re #'d SP 120116-121833
SP 96220-96919 AC&F
SP 96920-97619 PSC

Intermountain 65701
12 Road #'s

Intermountain 60701-07 Kit
Road # 97064 NEW 2-47



40’ Express steel Boxcar SP Overnight
These 40'-6" box cars featured 3715 ft3 capacity, 6'-0" Single Door (Youngstown or "Narrow Rib" Door), 3/4 early improved Dreadnought ends, Hutchins panel roof, Barber S-2 trucks, alternate-center-rivet pattern sides and Morton running boards.
SP 5700-5749 were delivered in dark olive for head end box express service.
Building time : mid-1950's to early 1960's.
The Espee's Overnight cars, a program that officially lasted only from 1946 to 1959, were plenty of variations on the theme. The most popular paint scheme was, of course, the black and the silver paint schemes, but there are several single car variation. One of the black versions of the car, with the full roadname Southern Pacific, remains the single catalog number (20090) with the most releases, at 22 total; but this was preceded by a style with just SP reporting marks, which so far has zero releases.
The year 1956 saw the changeover from the black car in the series 97620 to 98069, to the silver, and 300 boxcars from the initial run of 500 B-50-24 class cars were redone in this paint and placed in a different number series, namely, 163051 to 163350.
However, the program was dropped in 1959 by the railroad and some cars started to lose the "Overnights" under the large road name on the right. Some but not all.
The citation in the ORER for January 1953 (NMRA Reprint) under the first number series 97620 to 98069 (with black paint) will do for gathering the vital statistics.
These were: inside length 40 feet6 inches, inside height 10 feet, outside length 41 feet10 inches, extreme height 14 feet 6 inches, door opening 6 feet, and capacity 3715 cubic feet or 100,000 pounds. In fact, the description of the car is "Box, All Steel, Lightweight."
After 1961 you'll need to renumber, the group of 300 from 163051 to 163350 went to the series 121834 to 122310, apparently with just a touch up job.
April 1970 edition of the ORER shows 31 cars remaining in the group.

Intermountain 65758
Overnight 4 Road #'s
Yesteryear (Intermountain)
black Overnights with the correct bodies but some wrong details. Both have "SP" for report marks

Prototype N Scale Models (TM) by George Hollwedel

black Overnights with "Southern Pacific" for report marks and most of the details are correct.
Built:  NEW 8-46
Road # (6): 97948, 97999, 98003, 98014, 98043 and 98059.

Micro-Trains 20090
Road # SP 97950
cars are on the PS-1 body which is wrong.

East Valley Lines
has done the two-tone gray version in all three numbers 5708, 5709 and 5738.


40' Standard Box Car, Single Youngstown Door
Southern Pacific •

This 40’ standard box car, with single Youngstown door has silver sides and black roof and ends. It has the SP Daylight Orange circular herald & SP Daylight Red “S”, “P” & “Overnights” lettering and runs on black Bettendorf trucks. The silver “Overnights” paint scheme was adopted in late 1955. The 45” circular herald was SP Daylight Orange with black lettering and the “S”, “P”, & “Overnights” lettering was SP Daylight Red. In 1956, the SP began renumbering with 6 digit numbers all cars previously having 5 digit numbers. The word “Overnights” was dropped in 1957 and shortly after, in 1958, the color of the herald was changed from orange to Daylight Red. However, no attempt was made to repaint the entire fleet of overnight cars. The silver “Overnights” paint scheme was seen into the late 1960s.

Micro-Trains 20760
Road #163326

Atlas 34425
“Overnights” 162051 (Silver/Black/Orange w/Red Print)

1937 AAR 12 Panel 40' Boxcar
These 40'-6" box cars were all built to the same basic design as above and featured 3715 ft3 capacity, a 6'-0" door opening, 3/4 early improved Dreadnought ends, 12 panel sides and ASF A-3 trucks. 1947-1948 AC&F.

Intermountain 66013
6 Road #'s
66013-26: SP# 60672

(B-50-25, B-50-26)

AAR 12 Panel 40' Boxcar

Prototype N Scale Models (TM) by George Hollwedel

6 Road #'s
4 in the parent "Southern Pacific" and two cars sub-lettered for "T&NO"
ETA 3rd Quarter 2008

These 40'-6" box cars were all built to the same basic design by PS in 1950-51 and featured 3782 ft3 capacity, a 7'-0" door opening, 3/4 improved Dreadnought ends, diagonal panel roof and ASF A-3 trucks. The original SP cars were transferred to the T&NO in the 1950's mixed with B-50-29's as T&NO 62250-62999 & 63500-64249. They were renumbered back to their original numbers in the early 1960's as the T&NO was absorbed into the parent SP.
SP 104100-105099 PS (lot 5982) 5/1951 (to T&NO in 1950's; back to orig #'s in 1960's)
Micro-Trains 20080
Road # 105045
Atlas 34591
Road # 105225
40' PS-1 Box Car

40' Standard Box Car Double Door 


Micro-Trains 23020
(old 23095)
Road # 66625

Auto Box cars 50' AAR Single Door Boxcar
These 50'-6" box cars were all built to the same basic design by SP Equipment Co. in 1957-58 and featured 4895 ft3 capacity and an 8'-0" door opening.

Micro Trains 031-00-200
Rd # 652253
Boxcar Red / White Ltrs / Yellow & Black DF Logo / Roller Bearing Trucks

Intermountain 65905
12 Road #'s


These 50'-6" box cars were all built to the same basic design by SP Equipment Co. in 1957 and featured 4895 ft3 capacity, DF loaders, Hydra-Cushion underframes and a single 8'-0" door. This class was one of the first classes to have Hydra-Cushion underframes installed. The parts were the first commercially manufactured parts applied to SP freight cars. Previous applications used parts manufactured directly by Stanford Research Institute.

Intermountain 65921
12 Road #'s 651665
(Hydra-Cushion )
50 ft Plug Door
50’ standard box car with plug door painted box car red with white lettering.

Micro Trains 32380
Road #670225
Released in December 2001


50 ft Staggered Double-Door Boxcar
These 50'-6" box cars were built by SP Equipment Co. (Sacramento) in 1955-56 and featured 4980/4567 ft3 capacity and a 15'-4" door opening. It is assumed that the 250 loader-equipped cars of this class were constructed with their assigned-service numbers in the 683xxx series and later renumbered into their general-service 212xxx series numbers.

The yellow door indicates that this care was used for special cargos
and the yellow label next the car number said that the car was to be
returned to a specific location when empty.  The cargo was most
likely some form of wood product.
( Ken Harstine)

Atlas 36252
Road # 213133
2950ft Staggered Double-Door

Atlas 36252
Road #213133
Boxcar Red / White
Build 10-72
Atlas 36436
Road # 210990
50' AAR Standard Double-Door Box Car
"Hydra-Cushion" & white SP lettering
Intermountain 65617
40' Hy-Cube Box Car
This car, running on roller bearing trucks, was rebuild in January 1965.
Sub-series 659008- 659047 is equipped with DF-2 loaders and assigned to unique appliance loading
Micro Trains 101 00 060
March 2007
Road # SP 659031
  50' Plug Door Boxcar Micro-Trains
Road # SP 672925
(provided by Ken Harstine)
60' PS Auto Parts Boxcar
In the 1960's, Ford Motor Company, Pullman Standard and Santa Fe pooled their resources to develop a standard boxcar to meet the transportation needs of automobile manufacturers in the United States. Delivered in 1965, the Pullman Standard auto parts boxcar is the most prolific example of this type of freight car. It ultimately changed the face of automobile manufacturing and rail transportation.
These 60'-9" auto parts box cars were all built to the same basic design by PS (lot 8846, 8846A) in Oct. 1963. They featured 6093 ft3 capacity, HF40 underframes and two 8'-0" plug doors on each side.

Athearn 10770 ,10771
Road #621123



Athearn 10770
Road #621112


50’ Standard Double Door Auto Boxcar.
SP 64925-65424 (re#'d to SP 206809-207301) (spec. #'s SP 680000-680248). These 50'-6" all steel auto cars were built 1-2/1941 by Mt. Vernon Car Mfg. Co. and featured 4936 ft3 capacity.


Intermountain 60603 Kit
Road # 65271

NEW 12-40

Micro Trains 36040
Road # 670120

50' standard boxcar, double door
Prototype build date:12/1970

Micro Trains 34091
(New MTL# 34050)
Road # SP 202516, # 202519


Micro Trains 30052 (30050) Road # 246587

50' FMC 1-DR BOX
MDC Roundhouse 82502
Road # 16709
62' RBL PCF - 10' Door Boxcar
Red Caboose RN-17213
Road # 691877
(provided by Ken Harstine)

86' Quad Door Auto Parts Boxcar

Road # SP 615275
(provided by Ken Harstine)

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OFF Line References ( sometimes called "Books" ) :

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