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The Valley
before Silicum

My Layout Blog

My Layout: from
3rd & Townsend
to Santa Clara
and Los Altos Permanente Kaiser branch

If you like to follow my "experience" here is the link:
before Silicum
My Layout Blog

SP-Layouts List
A site with reference to Espee themed Layouts

This list contain single owner's Layout reference
I hope this site can push some undecided modelers to start his layout selecting one of the astounding panoramas along the tracks of the Southern Pacific "Golden Empire".
If you want to add your layout to the site send me a mail.

Hi, my name is Enzo Fortuna, and I live in the small town of Assago, just south of Milan, in North Italy.

I start to be a Railroad fan ....well, you see the picture ?
The Man was my father... with me and my first train! (1952)

My passion in the hobby of model railroading is the
Southern Pacific Railroad
that once was one the biggest Railroad Company in US ,
and which I model in N scale .... in 1952.

N scale was always my choise: when I was 16, I've buy my first N scale steam model, an Atlas Rivarossi Indian Harbor 0-8-0.
This was the first time when N scale US steam loco’s was available here in Italy …. I must say poor models compared with the present.
When I was 26 I take the occasion of a vacation in the US and .... settle near Santa Cruz, CA, north of Felton, where I've lived several years working downhill in Palo Alto..
it was the time when the first uP silicon chip contaminate this world..... and I work on it all my life!

My layout takes the name "The Valley before the Silicon"
I've start a Blog on his construction, see the left banner link.

This site was created as a labour of love, not only to have a place where display and share my personal "experience", but also to try to "instigate" in some visitor to start some "experience" itself!

Please take your time and look around.
Enjoy your visit and hope to see you again soon.
Feel free to send me suggestions on improvements and additions.

Thanks for visiting!

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Enzo Fortuna

and "the V.I.P.s"
Tiger & Tina

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A Forum where
Italian Modelers
can share their love for
US Railways

Some Italians
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