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My Favorites Net-Places

Some of my favorite sites I've bookmark. Note that this list is based on my preference and not exaustive on SP.
If you found some broken links, please notify me so ............ I Wake up.

For a more exaustive links page of Southern Pacific RR refer to Peter J. McClosky's resource :

For Kids ( and let me say "Kids are our future" !)
Rails across the continet : "The" adventure ...
Historical Societies of Railroads Related to the Southern Pacific
Railroad Museum Websites
SP Depots and Lineside Equipment
Narrow Gauge in California

Bay Area History

Model Railroading Publications
Espee (SP) rolling stocks
SP Photograph
SP Modeling
Layout Design and Operation
Model Railroading Software
Shops and Manufacturers It's not my habit to "plug" manufacturers, but ....
Non Rairoad links .... why not?

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